Internship 2022

Exploring yourself happens outside your comfort zone. Place yourself in a new scenario filled with new perspectives and diverse backgrounds and you’ll know yourself better and the people around you. This is the motto behind our Internship programs.
An internship is not just about you, it’s about creating greater knowledge and communication. It impacts your future personally and professionally, creating lifelong connections and a global network. An internship abroad can motivate and place you on the path to come out with flying colors. The students are given training in the following fields of Logistics
 Logistic and supply chain management
 Port and terminal management
 Stevedoring and cargo logistics
 Tramp and liner agency
 Exim management
 Survey and insurance
 Custom house agency

Unlike a classroom learning situation which is limited, the internship in St Britto’s College offers wide exposure and widespread knowledge in all aspects of logistics. It is part of their curriculum. Students of BBA, MBA who are currently in their V and III semester have been taken to Freyer International P Ltd., Orbis Enterprises LLP, Triway Group Forwarders P Ltd., International Clearance and Shipping Agency, Vanguard Logistics. Students are taken for 15 days Internship program. These organizations deal with the Freight Forwarding process and students were given on-the-job training.

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