Community outreach programme with seek foundation

“Seek Foundation is NON – Governmental organization started to simulate work towards welfare activity to create a better nation and brings consciousness toward basic health, education health, education and empowerment to every citizen. ” Seek has adopted a village, Poondandalam in Kancheepuram District to preserve and promote cultural identity not ionly in urban areas, but also in rulal, and also to expand to nearby villages not memrely witnessing, involving participation, to make life stylw grow exponentially. Our Student are made to participate in the community outteh programme at this village as extension activities and awarded internal marks according to their service rendered to the village.

St.Britto’s Theatre Academy

St. Britto’s Theatre Academy inculcated the students through Theatre Arts he value to participate and perseverance from the ideas and actions, indoctrinates self – discipline, trust in self and others thus improving social linteration, safe controlled environment emotional outlets of aggression and tension. Theater arts support an individual to have concrete values in his/her life which will enhance their family, society and professional life into fruitful one.

Club Activities

Film Club : Film Club is a well-marked run way for the students to take off in the field of Media through reviewing of films and discussions on Technical & Non-Technical aspects of the popular films.

Nature Club : Nature club is initiated in the college to create awareness about environment conservation and Animal welfare activities.

E – Cell : The objectives of the E–Cell is to manifest entrepreneurial spirit of the youth, increase employability of educated & employed youth through professional training and to inculcate a culture of innovation driven entrepreneurship.

Cynosure : The English club is at mission to create a community of writers and scholars comprised who share a deep appreciation for the English language and its rich literary tradition.

Self Governing System

The system of Self-Governance is being adopted in the college where the students involve in day to day activities and make college as a completely student-run organization. The members of Students’ council are elected by the students by casting their votes in a democratic way All the office bearers took an oath to serve their office with diligence and dedication preceded by March past holding
their respective vibrant flags in an Investiture ceremony

Social Mission of St. Britto’s

Womanthon : St. Britto’s College organizes the most important event “Womanathon” every year to give awareness on Womanhood where men and women will run for women conducted in 3 states simultaneously Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Blood Donation : Students of St. Britto’s College have self-volunteered themselves in many blood Donation Camps to become a meaningful citizen of the Country saving many lives in times of need from which they realize the importance of life and to be a part of the noble act which has nurtured through the support of their Family, Institution and Society to which they belong.

Anti-ragging Cell

The Anti- Ragging Cell has been constituted for the current academic year and the members of the committee including Faculty members and students monitor and address to the ragging and indiscipline related matters of the students periodically. They tend to support firmly for the prevention of ragging inside and outside the college campus.

Skill Development Activities

St. Britto’s College provides a wholesome package of skills set which are required for the students to match with the Industry requirements including Communication skills, Aptitude training, Presentation Skills, Resume Building, Interview skill, Multi language proficiency and in the enrichment of their personality development.

Training & Campus Interview

St.Britto’s College provides an exquisite service to the aspiring students by providing them ample opportunities to get recruited in renowned corporate through Campus Drive programs. Students are trained as Professionals equipping themselves with the Communication skills, Analytical Skills, Best Industry practices, Ethics and competencies which will make them more suitable and employable in the industry concerned, leading to cordial Industry

The Placement scenario has been exceptional and constructive as many of our students have got placed in prominent companies and the record will continue to have high scores in the future.

Faculty Development Programmes

Faculty Development Programmes aims at equipping all Faculty Members with the skills and knowledge envisaging the concept of learning together for cordial and enhanced teaching methodologies and techniques. FDP shall bring in credit to core competencies including Self Development, Inter Personal skills, Communication, Confidence Building, strengthening subject knowledge and much more which are the vital part of overall development of the Faculty members.

Women’s Cell

Women’s Cell of St. Britto’s College attempts to create better learning environment and holistic development of personality of girls and to make students aware of the Gender Equity which would empower them with the
knowledge of their legal and social rights, techniques of self-defense and so on. It also aims to provide them a platform to exhibit their talents periodically which provides wings of freedom for the woman kind to fly amidst the difficulties and sufferings undergone by them to come up in their lives.

E –Journal

E- Journal is a one step ahead in the addiction for technology which serves as a compilation of events in the form of an E – Document or a magazine. St.Britto’s College proudly presents “Iluminacion”, an E- journal done by the group of students, first of its kind, meaning “Enlightening” in Spanish with the concept of publishing monthly journals and creating a transparency of the overall activities of the college enhancing the
visibility for the various activities, achievements, news and articles across all the departments.

Intern India

It is an initiative of St. Britto’s College to invite students from foreign countries to place themselves in a new scenario filled with new perspectives and diverse backgrounds and they will know themselves better and the people around them. It is also about creating a greater global understanding and communication. Candidates’ choice to intern India will impact their future personally and professionally, creating lifelong connections and a global network. Intern India can motivate and place them in the path to come out with flying colours. Unlike a classroom learning situation which is limited, the global internship offers wide exposure and wide spread knowledge in all aspects. In order to provide them a quality internship, St. Britto’s has made an agreement with Internshala which is one of the leading portals organizing Internship.

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