Workshop on Knitting Technology - St.britto's College

Hand knitting is an advanced technology invented by our ancestors where a piece of string and a pair of chopsticks kind of needles are used to create a wear. Knitting is an art of creating fabrics with no selvedge yet no ravelling.

Ms Varsha an expertise in Hand Knitting and Crochet took the workshop on hand knitting where the students were given training to hold the metal needles and to create loops with a thick strand of woollen thread. Though the students found it difficult in creating loops in the beginning, at the end of the section they were able to create swatches of the same. Different kind of stitches like pearls, knits and ribs were taught to them.

Hand Knitting is practised mostly in the northern states and in the hill stations of our country. And it is a daily household chore in the European countries.

The students could understand the pain each knitter takes to create a customised piece of wear and they also understood the creative side of this great art.

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