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College believes in making its graduates  competent to become capable and employable. To that end, the our college students take up summer internship. One of the most important parts of completing your degree is to land in a summer internship between the first and second years of your program. It will not only provide the students with muchneeded work experience to back up your education) but it will move you one step closer to landing a great full-time position after graduation with an employer of your choice, Internship allows students to build relationships with prospective employers, hone their skill set and explore new industries.We take our students to industries during every semester. Our faculty will work on joint projects with industries. For major projects by students; experts from industries will guide them to do the research and write up the thesis.

Communication Skills

We want our graduates to become adept in communication skills. Given their rural background and their schooling in vernacular language, we conduct a month-long bridge course to improve their communicative English. In addition, every week a considerable number of hours are allotted to help them acquire language skills – listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. In this, we provide gadgets to English language.

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