Training & Placements

Industrial Training

Industrial training is provided on various areas of Shipping & Logistics to strengthen the subject knowledge.

On-The Job Training

Making all students mandatory to undergo a training for three months as one of the job core learning activities with the concept of a ‘do it yourself’.

Project Work

Doing real time and essential project with scientific approach by choosing an appropriate research topic and preparing a worthwhile project will help the students to understand the key areas of logistics

Campus Recruitment

Companies from various parts of India and from various countries like Malaysia, Singapore and Middle Ease have been called to conduct campus recruitment.

Value Added Training

Dangerous Good Regulation for Air Transport

Ship broking in Dry and Liquid Bulk

Transport Fleet Management

Air Cargo handling

Ware House Management System

SAP Software

Department Activities

Case studies

Skill development training

Paper Presentation

VIGIL – National Level Conference on Shipping

Participation in National
conference and seminars

Resource persons from
international arena

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