Teaching Methods - St.britto's College

Teaching Methods

Teaching Process

Our teaching is seen as accompaniment with students in their learning. To grow as leaders. We do not merely inform knowledge but we focus on formation of character to our students in teaching, We maintain, a fine blend of theory and practice.

The teacher has been guided to treat the students with respect for his / her potency and competence. Learning by our students is not only through classroom interactions but it is more through Case studies, Industry visits,Live projects, Research projects, Seminars and Workshops. In the process of informing themselves on different subjects/courses instead of only accumulating just information and memorizing theories, the students are trained to develop analytical skills and critical thinking.

Evaluation Process

Evaluation of learning in St Britto’s college does not test just how best our students have memorized what is taught in classroom and what they read in books and transferred in answer sheets. But we test how best they look at the content critically and apply it to situation. Therefore, many types of examinations are conducted, i.e. comprehensive workshop, live project and so on. Similarly, students, peers, industry, and the management evaluatethe performance of teachers periodically.

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