Seminar on Operation Research - St.britto's College

The seminar was held on operation research .The introduction part was given by Mrs.Joans Preetha, Department of Maths .The purpose of seminar on Operation Research was to know that how it was applied in various fields. The session was completely based on the scope and development of computer science. The session began at 10:30am and the students of II BCA took part.

The seminar was completely based on the elaboration of operation research. She explained in detail about the applications of operations research in various fields. It is not only used in computer field and also basically applied in other fields like commerce, shipping, and logistics etc. She explained how its applied in day to day life and its development. The session was continued by Mr.Sankaralingam, Department of commerce, explained the queuing models and various real time network and transportation problems to solve mathematically by using OR. The session was more informative and interactive. The session was then concluded by Mrs.Kamatchi. It was very valuable to all the students who took part.

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