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Dr. Thamas Ponraj

St. Britto’s College


Dear Students,


With Heartfelt happiness, I welcome you to St.Britto’s college.As most of you are aware ,our Indian Higher Education system has reshaped its polices and program-mes more relevant and career oriented with focus on quality and excellence in term of globalization of education and economy.According to the University grant commission ,it is envisaged that professionally qualified graduates with a sound knowledge of their core disciplines and expertise in a concerned skill will have more opening in service,industry and self-empowerment sectors.

As our management has been in the industries of Shipping &Logistics,hospitality,film production and educational field over 3 decades,we could see the demand and scope of professionally trained graduates in the applied fields of almost all basic/core disciplines and the strength of faculties in the current changing global scenario which is likely to increase in the future.

St.Britto’s College is not merely an educational institution,it is the symbol of character, the principles we stand for and deep rooted cultural values.Manifestation of morals is the expectation of our college.Training in Personality development,communication skills,human resource management and business ethics at St.Britto’s would make them most disciplined students with high values.It is the prime duty of every institution to develop every student as valuable human beings and transform as human resources and assets.

Our college is aiming to cater the needs of the students and transform them into highly competent professionals,entrepreneurs and leaders.we believe in our mission to maintain the institutes’ level of decency and quality of services provided and further improving as the leading institution for career oriented studies.

The biggest edge for us is that we can provide excellent intern-ship training to our logistics students in our well known INDEV GROUP OF COMPANIES which has multifarious activities with offices all over India and various parts of South East Asia and Middle Eastern Countries and Vis.Com students in our ESTHELL ENTERTAINERS, a film producing firm and hotel Mgmt.students in ESTHELL HOTELS AND RESORTS and other courses are in the above industries as they are related to the same industries.

The high end,modern and suitable infrastructure of the college will cater you to fulfil the requirements of the industries.the class room teaching and the international standard atmosphere are the added advantage to complete your course successfully.

so have a valuable time in St.Britto’s college by shaping all your abilities and knowledge.

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