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It has been felt and suggested that all the subjects taught, particularly in the management curriculum should imbibe a sense of application real life in organizations as well as individuals’ life. This concept has been emphasized by our Principal in the recent held Departmental Meetings. It has been suggested that all the subjects should have minimum three to four activities apart from the syllabus coverage. This has triggered all the departments to jump into action plan.

As a part of Organizational Behaviour, a subject taught under MBA First semester, the department had organized an activity based on a most sought after concept ‘Personality’ on 16.08.2016 by applying 8 assessment tools provided by Stephen P. Robbins to all first year students.

The following assessment tools were administered by all the students themselves and the faculty assisted them in evaluating the scores by clues provided by the author.

  1. What is my basic personality?
  2. What’s my Locus of control’?
  3. What’s my MBTI personality type?
  4. How well do I handle ambiguity?
  5. How Flexible am I?
  6. How proactive am I?
  7. How creative am I
  8. What’s my intelligence score?

All the first year students participated sincerely and assessed their own personality skills. Now they have got a fair assessment about what is their self projection, self image strengths and weaknesses etc.

The students by way of feedback expressed their thanks to the college and Faculty.

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