Ebullient 2k18 - St.britto's College

March 13, 2018

Ebullient 2k18

Understanding extracurricular dimensions becomes increasingly important as educational activities continue to increase. To remain competitive, alive and intellectual over academics, EBULLIENT 2K18 will be an ethnocentric approach towards the students’ thoughts.

EBULLIENT 2K18, as the name aptly suggest “bubbling with enthusiasm”, it’s a platform for the students to show their innovative enthusiasm and explore their creativity. This event aims to provide a platform for the youngsters to showcase their talents in innovatively designed competitions. All the participants will be exposed to a newer level of challenge and their adaptively will be judged. This event has been a great challenge for our students who are the conceptualizers, organizers and planners of this event.
Apart from these effort we strive to bring about holistic development in our students by engaging them in organizing, conducting, conceptualizing an event. With this vision in mind we have initiated an intra-collegiate cultural fest named “EBULLIENT 2K18 “.

The college aims at developing competent professionals through a high quality training programme with greater focus on practical training to empower them with necessary industrial and personality skills.


Logo Designing held on 12.03.18, where the logo had to be designed to the word “EBULLIENT”. The word holding the meaning ‘cheerful and colorful’. The winning logo was picked to represent the overall intra-cultural event which was designed by Manish from II YR FD.


Talent, Fun & Frolic put together for the adapt tune competition was held as an on-stage event on 13.03.18 where the students had to dance to different tunes played to on spot to them. They danced their hearts out with heaps of enjoyment. Winners who tapped their feet according to rhythms given to them were:

Ist place – Selva Pandi (III BCA)
IInd place – Praveen Kumar (II B.COM – IMLM)
IIIrd place – Selva Ganapathy (II BBA)/ Karthikeyan – (I B.COM)

A singing contest conducted to bring out the hidden talented voices of individuals was held on 13.03.18 as an on-stage event. Many students participated from different departments who sang songs with beautiful voices. Winners of the Solo Singing contest are:
1st place – Hari Sankar (2nd BBA)
2nd place – Suhail ( 2nd VISCOM)
3rd place – Anusha ( 1st B.COM)

1st place – Manikandan (3rd BCA) / Ludy (1st B.COM)
2nd place – Joshua / Yousuf (2nd B.COM)


Adzap a competition filled with humor and fun were each group had to enact or demonstrate an advertisement according to the Product given to them on the spot and it was an on-stage event conducted on 13.03.18. The winning groups of the contest were:

  • 1st place – 3RD BCA (Selva pandi / Chiranjeevi / Srinath / Pugzhal)
  • 2nd place – 2nd B.COM ( Mahesh / Chandra mohan / Harinath / Hemakumar)

    Channel surfing was an on-stage event conducted on 13.03.18 where students had to speak in different tones and accents representing different channels to achieve their way into best performance in depicting the channels called by the jury. The winning teams who enacted the best were:

  • 1st place – 2nd B.COM (Mahesh / Chandra / Harinath / Hemakumar)
  • 2nd place – 2nd BBA ( Mukesh / Hemanth / Selva / Praveen / Mustafa)
  • 3rd place – 1st B.COM ( Anusha / Sanjay / Jerlin / Karthikeyan )
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